Human-Powered Security for the Healthcare Industry

Data breaches in healthcare cost an average of $10.93 million—nearly 2.5x more costly than the average across industries. HackerOne’s combination of human creativity + AI gives you the advantage against cybercrime.

Uncover hidden vulnerabilities, stat

Protected health information (PHI), financial data, personally identifying information (PII), and medical research that enables innovation are a treasure trove for cybercriminals. HackerOne’s offensive security approach—including code security audits, bug bounties, penetration tests, and more—finds, prioritizes, and helps remediate these threats before an attack can ever occur.

  • Not just compliance, but continuous protection: From compliance to AI implementation and IoT protection, we help healthcare organizations identify and address vulnerabilities that could compromise data, budgets, and public trust—from development through deployment and beyond.
  • AI safety & security: Artificial intelligence holds great promise for streamlining healthcare processes and data analysis, but it also brings unprecedented security challenges. HackerOne’s AI Red Teaming can help you implement AI security and prevent worst-case scenarios.
  • On-demand expertise: Tap into the expertise of nearly 2 million skilled security researchers whenever you need it.

Risk-ranking & triage: Our Attack Resistance Platform proactively pinpoints vulnerabilities across your attack surface, from IoT devices to legacy systems, and guides you on which ones to tackle first—and how to resolve them effectively.

Working with the hacker community allows us to receive bugs that are not seen in traditional penetration tests and gives us a larger window of time in which to find these bugs. HackerOne provides the largest community of ethical hackers in the world, which makes it the best and biggest resource out there. The more hackers there are reviewing our items, the better.

Hacker Powered Security Report 2023

Report: 1 in 3 ethical hackers focus on healthcare

Our 7th annual report, based on hacker interviews and HackerOne platform data, crystallizes the impact of ethical hacking across an array of industries, including:

  • The emerging use of AI 
  • The top 10 vulnerabilities uncovered via the HackerOne platform
  • Average and median bug bounty prices

86% of HackerOne Pentest customers get their first vulnerability report within 1 week.

Learn the advantages of community-driven Pentest as a Service over traditional and automated approaches—and see what differentiates pentesting from bug bounty.

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