Automotive and transportation
Automotive and Transportation

Human-Powered Security for the Auto Industry

HackerOne runs cybersecurity programs with 4 of the top 10 global car manufacturers—uncovering hidden vulnerabilities before they become catastrophic break-downs.

Driving automotive cybersecurity forward

Connected cars, with their complex networks and systems, are prime targets for cybercriminals. HackerOne’s offensive security approach—including code security audits, bug bounties, penetration tests, and more—is designed to uncover hidden vulnerabilities before they lead to catastrophic breakdowns.

  • Continuous protection: Focusing on critical components like infotainment systems, we help identify and address vulnerabilities that could compromise vehicle safety—from development through deployment and beyond.
  • On-demand expertise: Tap into the expertise of nearly 2 million skilled security researchers whenever you need it..
  • Risk-ranking & triage: Our Attack Resistance Platform proactively pinpoints vulnerabilities in intricate vehicle systems, guiding you on which ones to tackle first—and how to resolve them effectively.
We’re inviting highly qualified technical experts known as ethical hackers to take on the challenge of testing the security of our digital products and services. Bug bounty programmes are common practice across the tech industry, and our own participation is the next logical step for us as we bolster our security measures.

Report: How Hackers Are Helping the Auto Industry

The Automotive industry receives more cross-site scripting vulnerabilities than any other industry.

Why is that? The new Hacker-Powered Security Report: Automotive Edition answers that question and many more. 

Decoding modern security testing options

Unlock the secrets of automotive pentesting: 86% of HackerOne Pentest customers get their first vulnerability report in a week.

Learn the advantages of community-driven Pentest as a Service over traditional and automated approaches—and see what differentiates pentesting from bug bounty.

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We consider HackerOne an integral part of our critical vulnerability testing and an opportunity to connect with talented cybersecurity researchers worldwide.

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