HackerOne's vision for a secure & collaborative future

By seamlessly integrating human intelligence at scale with the transformative power of artificial intelligence, we can unlock unprecedented capabilities and enhance security program efficiency.

Embracing progress, mitigating risks

As we embrace the transformative potential of AI, we also acknowledge its vulnerabilities. Our approach balances optimism for AI's benefits with stringent defenses against its risks. 

AI’s dark side

Social engineering capabilities, AI code vulnerabilities, and the rise of large language models (LLMs) open a new frontier of cybercrime.

AI’s promise

AI's adaptability also empowers security professionals to anticipate, counter, and stay ahead of emerging threats with remarkable efficiency. 

Standards for responsible use

The pressure to adopt AI without rigorous checks necessitates preemptive measures to prevent potential exploitation and ensure. 

Preventing AI’s worst-case scenarios

For technology & security leaders integrating AI

Ethical AI deployment and protection against malicious use of AI are crucial as businesses adopt this fast-developing technology. Unsafe AI can lead to chatbots generating harmful content. And malicious use of AI can result in deceptive tools such as deepfakes and automated CAPTCHA solvers. HackerOne helps organizations implement strict measures to avoid safety threats, misinformation, privacy infringements, and loss of user trust.

  • AI Red Teaming services probe AI systems for vulnerabilities, testing them for safety and security to ensure resiliency against worst-case scenarios. 
  • AI implementation security finds risks by incorporating AI into your applications, including impactful bugs related to authorization and user input.

For AI companies looking to secure their technology

  • AI companies partner with HackerOne to fortify their technologies against emerging threats. This involves scrutinizing AI code for vulnerabilities and ensuring robust defenses against social engineering and AI-specific threats.
  • Companies developing proprietary AI models employ HackerOne’s vast community of ethical hackers to safeguard against model theft, particularly through compromised MLOps tooling or infrastructure. 

Securing AI with the world’s largest ethical hacker community

HackerOne’s skilled, global hacking community is helping organizations stay ahead of fast-developing threats: 

AI Red Teaming Playbook

Our AI Red Teams have demonstrated remarkable efficiency, with one team identifying 26 valid findings within the initial 24 hours and 100+ valid findings in just 2 weeks.

This is the community

In the HackerOne community, over 750 active hackers already specialize in prompt hacking and other AI security and safety testing. And that number is set to skyrocket. In our latest survey of our community: 

  • 55% of hackers say that GenAI tools themselves will become a major target for them in the coming years.
  • 61% say they plan to use and develop hacking tools using GenAI to find more vulnerabilities. 

Hacker panel: What hackers can tell you about AI security

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